Why Use GloTell®

There are a number of reasons to use GloTell® as an additive to anhydrous ammonia in industrial industries and in the agricultural industry. Here are 6 reasons why to use GloTell®:

  1. Protect your investment.
    Anhydrous ammonia is not cheap, and the overhead cost is rising. It's important to catch leaks quickly. GloTell® can help you do that.
  1. Deters theft.
    GloTell® has a proven success rate for stopping anhydrous ammonia theft since we began private testing in 2003. Field tests performed during 2005 and 2006 in Illinois, Kentucky, Iowa, Michigan and Missouri have shown dealers and growers using GloTell® on a consistent and conscientious basis soon (usually within weeks) experience the complete cessation of anhydrous theft at their facilities. Safeguard your anhydrous inventory and your valuable fertilizer resources with GloTell®.
  1. Protect your workers, your neighbors, your clients.
    You provide protective clothing and goggles for your employees. You store ammonia in well-ventilated areas. But are you doing enough? Not much is known about the long-term effects of ammonia on a body. Too much exposure can lead to bronchitis, persistent cough, weakened immune system, permanent eye and lung damage.
  1. Do not depend on your nose to detect ammonia.
    Over time, ammonia can dull your sense of smell. Catch it early! Prolonged exposure to even the smallest of leaks can cause burning and swelling of the air passages of the nose, throat and lungs, nausea, and watering of the eyes. With GloTell®, anyone can spot a leak.
  1. No news is good news.
    You know the saying. But in a world where bad news flies off the market shelves, you don't want your name slandered in large print. You are a company who makes its name with a quiet buzz, who lets your reputation speak for itself. Let the record show that you, you stand behind your name as the safest company for employees, thanks to GloTell®.
  1. Pass on the rewards to your client.
    Your company is founded on quality and reliability. Continue this legacy. With the additive of GloTell® in your product, make your commitment to customer service stand out above the rest. You care. Your product is safe not only for your workers, but also for your clients.