The Facts About GloTell®

Your equipment is already designed to handle GloTell®. Modifications to existing equipment are not necessary.

GloTell® works in refrigerated conditions. It can be difficult to locate ammonia leaks in any condition. GloTell® will leave a pink stain where at the leak's source, so even the smallest leak might be detected sooner.

Ammonia leaks are very dangerous. The vapor can be difficult to see, and the smell is harsh. Leaks in pipes or containers in your plant can endanger your workers. Catch leaks early with GloTell®.

This product is safe for your tanks. It is non-corrosive.

Crops produce at their current level. The ammonia retains its effectiveness and works with other anhydrous stabilizers.

This product is proven to be environmentally safe. Several environmental studies have been completed showing the product to be harmless to plants and animals.

GloTell® does stop ammonia theft. Farm and agricultural retail locations that have properly, consistently and conscientiously added GloTell® to their tanks no longer suffer re-occurring thefts.

This additive is applicator suitable. There is no adverse effect or long- term discoloration of hoses or equipment.

This product is safe for your tanks and valves. The PH of GloTell® is the same as that of anhydrous ammonia.

GloTell® is safe for your crops. Completed research studies show no residual effect on the soil, crops or land.

GloTell® is environmentally safe. The active ingredient has been safely used in the environment for many years without harmful effect.

GloTell® is safe for our children. Again, this additive has a proven track record showing it is safe around our families.

GloTell® is safe for our drinking water. Even if accidentally introduced into a water supply, the product will dissipate and cause no long-term adverse effects.

Vapor from a leaking GloTell® treated ammonia tank will not stain a white truck, car or siding on a house. GloTell® is not carried with the vapor. It is carried only in liquid anhydrous. Therefore, items contacted by vapor are not discolored.

GloTell® helps identify leaks in your tanks or lines. Your tanks, fittings or hose connections will have a light pink spot at each leak.

GloTell® does not permanently stain your tanks. The sun and rain will bio-degrade GloTell in 3 to 7 days.

GloTell® will inhibit meth production. GloTell® is designed to stay with liquid anhydrous ammonia throughout the meth cook process resulting in a gooey pink stained final product of greatly diminished quality.