About GloTell®

GloTell Distributors, LLC is the wholly owned sales and marketing division of GloTell Products, Inc. The parent company was organized in 2002 by a diverse but close knit group of professionals with backgrounds in the agriculture, construction, engineering, chemical, law enforcement and legal industries. The common goal that brought these individuals together was the desire to find an inexpensive but environmentally safe and effective method to reduce or eliminate the use of agricultural grade anhydrous ammonia in the illegal manufacture of methamphetamine. Although methamphetamine is a pervasive social plague found throughout rural America, the blending of these diverse professional talents into a single organization dedicated to elimination of methamphetamine is unique. Neither fame nor fortune is the motivation that drives this company: What this company is about is the eradication of methamphetamine from all of our communities.

GloTell® answers two persistent problems in the anhydrous ammonia sectors of the agriculture and commercial refrigeration industries. First, GloTell® stops the theft of anhydrous by rendering methamphetamine cooked with GloTell® treated anhydrous virtually unusable. Second, it is a cost control and safety product, allowing early detection of even the smallest anhydrous leak in lines, pipes, valves or fittings. GloTell® is environmentally safe and user friendly. When used as directed, it is non-toxic and will not harm humans, animals, soil, agricultural plants or aquatic life. The active ingredient in GloTell® was selected because of its unique attributes. It is safe for legitimate anhydrous users and simultaneously impossible for drug cooks to remove.

GloTell® has an added benefit for law enforcement by marking or staining persons who come into contact with improperly handled anhydrous or methamphetamine made with GloTell® treated anhydrous.

We know GloTell® works. Three years of actual on farm use has proven its effectiveness. It does stop the theft of anhydrous for meth production. It does stop the manufacture of meth. GloTell® is patented.